Branding Your Wedding: Touch and Smell

We’re finishing the series today with Touch and Smell.

Touch comes into play particularly with the stationery you choose.  Paper does contribute to the overall brand of your wedding.  Choose an invite printed on copy weight paper, and guests will immediately notice.  If your wedding is a super casual affair, this won’t be a problem.  If your wedding is a formal affair, you’ll give your guests the wrong impression.  Touch should also be considered with the tableware and linens you choose.  If you have the money, upgrade your linens.  I stress the if.

As for smell, food, floral and decor should be chosen with this in mind.  Do you want your guests to remember the heavy scent of lilies?  Or even worse, have guests with allergies making a quick exit because you’ve used 1,000 vanilla scented candles.  Smells stick with us.  Don’t underestimate their importance when planning!  What scent would I choose for our classic wedding?  Something sweet, like black cherry and vanilla bean.