No matter what you do with your wedding, I think finding small ways to make it personal is the most important thing you’ll do. Its hard to admit (I know!) but no one will remember the flowers or the color of the napkins. They will remember what made it your wedding. I wanted to share some of the small things that we did – and some of them we might have been the only ones who knew about them – but made the day our own.

table decor ceremony
Image from Special Effects Photography.

First, and by far the most important, was our altar. Both of my parents passed away in the last few years. This would be the first time my family was all gathering together to celebrate in a while. I wanted to find a way to honor my parents, but it was also important to not go to far and make it depressing, I know that’s not what my parents would have wanted. My parents loved nature, especially trees. We decided to have two trees, one on either side of the altar in memory of them. Our florist suggested hanging votive candles from the branches. In between the trees is our table. Oh our table. We brought wood from my father’s tree farm to Dan’s parents house. Dan’s father helped us build the table. In its own way, the table ties together our fathers and our families, and its something we will have in our home for the rest of our lives.

ceremony candles

We decided instead of having the bridesmaids carry bouquets, we would have everyone in the wedding party carry a candle down the aisle. Once they reached the front they placed the candle on the table, as if they were bringing a part of themselves to the altar.

guest book

We framed wedding pictures of our parents and grandparents and displayed them in a large display case in the entry of our space.Our guestbook was a collection of childhood photos of each of us.

personal rings

I didn’t have a something blue, but for my something old I had my great grandmothers wedding band that I wear everyday. I love the photo that Joe caught of both of my hands as I-hugged someone, you can see the rings together. We actually had my wedding band engraved exactly like my great-grandmothers, with just the initials changed. For the something borrowed, my sister and I cut a small piece of lace off of my mother’s wedding dress and I wrapped it around my bouquet. It’s something borrowed because we’re going to pass the piece of lace along for my sister and my cousins (my mother’s nieces) to use as well.

Image from Special Effects Photography. My brother and Dan waiting before the ceremony – what a guy holding the bouquet for me:)

One part of the day that was very special to me was having my little brother walk me down the aisle. I actually thought I might not cry – until I looked up right before we walked out and saw him trying not to cry.  And then the waterworks…

Like I said, I think these are the types of things people will remember. They are definitely the things that you will remember, the things that will be most meaningful to you someday and that you’ll tell your children about as they prepare for their weddings. Ok now I’m getting sappy…