Lesley’s Chicago Wedding

Lesley wrote asking for help. Her problem? A blank canvas venue that was more modern than she wanted to go. She has chosen a pale yellow, black and white for her colors. She really wants a softer look.

First up, the venue…

Prairie Productions in Chicago. As you can see, it really is a blank canvas. The advantages are no structural barriers and the clean white walls. The drawbacks are a tendency to seem cold and the cement floors. Overall, I am really loving this venue!

Now the board….

{Image Credits: Impressionen, Sugar Plum, Bride’s Cafe, Pretty Pretty Paper, Bride’s Cafe, Sugar Plum, Wedding Bee, Priscilla of Boston, Bride’s Guide, Wedding Bee, Absolutely Beautiful, The Knot, Brides}

Lesley’s already gone a long way towards softening the venue by choosing soft flowers like ranunculas, roses and peonies as her flowers. She’s also added the warm yellows to contrast the starkness of pure white and black.

I would concentrate on using soft fabrics (absolutely love the ruffled linens!) and choose a two color bridesmaids dress (either black and white or yellow and white). Stay away from trendy patterns and pick something that floats with the maids as they walk down the aisle. Because the venue is so white, all of the color can be concentrated in the decor.

Lesley, I hope this helps!