Hi everyone!

(Our venue, the YWCA in Fort Worth!)

Today I wanted to talk about the reason we buy the special dress, the reason we throw a celebratory party – the wedding ceremony which will join you in marriage to your fiancee. It’s definitely the most important part of the wedding as a whole, but it’s so easy to get wrapped up in choosing colors, a dress, and registering for all those gifts that you kind of forget about it. It may be that you’re going to have a ceremony that is pretty much planned out, where you only have a few choices or options. But, since we are not getting married in a church, and the ceremony will be officiated by one of our friends, we have a lot of decisions to make. Do we want a formal service? Do we want it to be religious? Do we want speakers? Or do we want to keep it short and sweet?

Planning our ceremony has definitely been kind of intimidating to us. Where do we start? We know that we want it to be meaningful to us and our families, fairly relaxed, not too long, but not over so quickly that I don’t remember it 20 years from now. There are so many options:

  • What music do I want to choose for our processional and recessional?
  • Do I want to descend the (marble) stairs in our venue in front of everyone to then walk down the aisle, or do I take the safer (read: no chance of falling) route and ride down on the elevator?
  • I’ve really thought about having a couple of readings during the middle, and I thought it would be special if it was our mothers who spoke. But do I have them write something on their own, some words of wisdom? Or do we choose a passage that we like?
  • Will Chris’ niece, at a year and a half, make it down the aisle as a flower girl? ;-)

(We may need an “escort” like they did!)

We’re just starting to talk about and plan these things, and there are so many neat ideas I’ve come across and read about. Is or was there something special or different you did, or plan to do, during your ceremony that you think is pretty cool? What are some of your fears? Is there something you would do differently?

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a good weekend!