Greek Isles Cruise, Part II

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The island of Mykonos was our next stop on the Splendour of the Seas. 

{Wandering around Mykonos town, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

In the morning, we headed on the ferry to Delos, where we experienced the ruins of a city destroyed during the Peloponnesian War.

{Delos, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

We then walked around Mykonos town.

{Mykonos, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

After lunch in town, we took the bus to Paradise Beach, where there are several shots of me in a swimsuit (and several containing individuals NOT in swimsuits as well!) that will not be making an appearance.  Suffice it to say that if you go to Paradise Beach, it’s lovely, but expect cold water and be careful of the rocky beach surface.

Our next port was Katakolon, on the mainland.  This is the port for Olympia, which was our excursion for the day and one of my favorite experiences in Greece, as I am a huge sports/Olympics fan.

{Olympia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

The marble starting blocks remain intact at the original Olympic Stadium (please forgive the cheesy photo – but I think it is kind of cute!).

{Olympic Stadium, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

Many of the statues and artifacts from the excavation are on display in a museum close to the ruins.  Some of the statues are incredibly well-preserved.

{Statue from museum at Olympia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

Last two ports to come tomorrow!