Greek Isles Cruise, Part III

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Our last port in Greece was the island of Corfu, which was completely unlike anything I expected from Greece.  It was lush and green and very tropical.

{Corfu, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

We rented a car at the port and drove to Paleokastritsa, where there is a small town, a monastery, and a lovely beach.

monastery in corfu 
{Monastery at Paleokastritsa, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

paleokastritsa corfu 
{Beach at Paleokastritsa, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

By far my favorite port was our last, Split Croatia.  The scenery is spectacular:

view of split from the boat 
{View of Split, Croatia from the cruise ship, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

As is the city:

split croatia 
{Split, Croatia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

split croatia 
{The port of Split, Croatia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

Split is a walled city, and we spent a couple of hours meandering through the town, watching the folk dancing in the square and eating some *wonderful* Italian food (Croatia was an Italian republic for many years).

split croatia 
{Wandering through Split, Croatia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

merlin statue split croatia
{Merlin statue in Split, Croatia, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

After our time in town, we headed to the local city beach.  This was the only sandy beach of our trip, the busiest beach, and in my opinion, the most fun.

split croatia city beach
{City beach in Split, Author’s personal collection, 2008}

Just a word about the cruise itself.  The ship was older and smaller.  There was mini golf and also a climbing wall, but these were the only distractions on the otherwise extremely boring ship.  The food was truly awful.  There were very few activities on the Lido deck during the day and none at night.  Activities on board during the at sea day were a lot of fun.  The shows were, as expected, cheesy but worth going to because of the lack of other activities onboard.  Overall, this cruise was worth it for the ports and itinerary but be aware that the ship won’t provide a lot of entertainment.  And the food was incredibly disappointing.  We found the service to be spotty.  Great in the dining room and casino, but spotty everywhere else.

I hope you guys enjoyed my account of our cruise.  Any and all questions about the ports, cruise, etc will be answered, so feel free to shoot me an email to {elizabeth anne designs at gmail dot com} or comment below!