Bite Size Desserts

What’s better than wedding cake?  Letting your guests feast on a mini dessert buffet filled with treats such as small pies, parfaits, truffles, mini tarts, and bite size cookies!

Having a low-key reception with hors d’oeuvres?  Pass these adorable single-bite desserts at the end of the party and everyone will leave happy.

mini desserts 
{Jo Gartin}

A bite size dessert buffet is a great option for all types of dinner service.  For a seated dinner, serve a small dessert course and then open up a dessert station after everyone has hit the dance floor! 

mini dessert display buffet
{Sweet Cake Desserts’ Picasa}

If you are having buffet service, have a section devoted to your favorite sweets.  Perhaps with a server to pour sauces or garnish plates for that extra-special touch?

mini cheesecake 
{The Chicagoist}

{The Velvet Truffle}

Family-style is a trendy new service option.  If you’re heading in this direction, have your caterer prepare gorgeous plates with an assortment of goodies and place one on each table during the reception.  As people wander around they can sample the different treats at each spot!  If you’re strategic and give each table its own mix, you’ll encourage mingling.

mini dessert tray
{Dulles Wedding}

Casual reception?  Finish each table off with spoons and mini parfaits!  This would be a great option for the rehearsal dinner too!

small parfait desserts 
{Columbia News Service}

Thanks Kate for the inspiration! 

Will you be having desserts other than wedding cake at your soiree?  Do share!