How do you keep your flowers vintage? Keep it simple and elegant!

Take the traditional cascading silk flower bouquet….

{Image Source: Audio Oh}

And turn it into this…

{Image Source: Ariella Chezar}

For her wedding, my grandmother carried sweet peas from her neighbor’s garden. These were the only flowers used at her wedding. I think this would make the perfect vintage bouquet, even if sweet peas are hard to work with. When going vintage, think vines and loose gatherings of flowers. Smaller is better. Your bridesmaids may carry simple nosegay bouquets.

{Image Source: Ariella Chezar}

Don’t be afraid to go May Day and use ribbons.

{Image Source: Ariella Chezar}

These bouquets can be used for the most formal to informal weddings. For you brides who like to research, here is a comprehensive list of the different types of bridal bouquets.