Happy Fourth of July! I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend.

Since this is a holiday, I thought I keep it quick and show you how I’m planning on styling my hair for the wedding. After selecting my dress, and knowing that I’ve always wanted to wear one of those large flowers in my hair (ever since seeing Molly Sims wear one in a Cover Girl ad!), I knew that I wanted my hair pulled back. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it up a little high, or low and loose… at first. I made my mind up quickly, though, after seeing this picture of Michelle Williams from the Oscars a couple years ago:

{Image Source: People}

I LOVE her hair here. Love love love love love it!! I think that this style is so pretty, is kind of loose, and has some movement to it – like my dress. I also thought it would be a perfect style to pin a pretty flower piece with. For my flower, I knew I wanted to ask Myra Kim from Twigs & Honey to create something special for me after reading her guest posts right here on EAD! Her designs are really original and fun, but still so pretty and feminine. A couple of the pictures I sent her for inspiration were these:

{Image Source: Jennifer Behr}

{Image Source: Twigs & Honey}

Unfortunately for my love of instant gratification, she is BUSY!! I won’t see my flower for a couple of months. But I really look forward to working with her as I know she’ll create something beautiful! If you are a fan of hers, and thinking of using her for your wedding – get over to her shop and convo her NOW! She’s booked through until the end of summer (obviously because she’s so good!).

I am also planning on wearing a simple fingertip-length veil for the ceremony, which I’ll take off for the reception. I wasn’t sure at first about a veil, but it’s one of those “bride things” that I won’t get the chance to do again.

Have you thought about how you’d like to wear your hair? Are you wearing your hair up or down? Are you planning on any accessories? A veil?

Have a great weekend!