Etiquette 101: The Registry

This week, A and I will be answering all of your etiquette dilemmas! Don’t forget to leave a comment here if you need a question answered.

JP asks:

Here’s one I’ve been struggling with lately: Is it tacky to list where we’ve registered on our wedding website? Looking forward to your thoughts on this! Thanks!!

We say absolutely not – with two conditions.  1) Only direct guests to your website, never direct them to the registry page.  2) Make sure that the registry isn’t the *only* thing on your site or the front page of your site.  The shower invitations are another acceptable way to get the word out for your registry.

Other registry, shower, and gift-giving etiquette:

  • Under no circumstances should cash ever be listed, mentioned, or hinted to in printed materials.
  • If you are doing a fun honeymoon or other lifestyle registry, be sure to also register for tangible things to be opened at your showers – these are the ooh and ahh parties and you want to have fun packages to open!
  • Other than your wedding party and the mothers, if you are having multiple showers, each guest should only be invited to one.
  • Immediate family should not host showers.
  • If you are the host, consult with the bride on the guest list – you may not be aware of other showers that are being held in her honor!  Always invite both mothers and the wedding party to each shower (or both sets of parents if you are throwing a couples shower).  The exception is an office shower, where only co-workers should be invited.
  • As a guest, if possible, send your gift to the couple prior to the wedding.  The less packages that the couple has to arrange transport for, the better!
  • Brides, it’s just plain nice to give a small token of appreciation to your shower hostess.  :)

JP – this might have been more than you asked for, but I hope it helps!