Big Day Details

I am all about the little details; not when it comes to decorating or anything that anyone will notice, but with the things that mean something to Todd and to me.  Kelly is such an amazing photographer and she really was able to capture all of the little things that I knew I’d want to see later. Some of the details were surprises from me to Todd.

white bouquet

My bouquet and the little locket (something borrowed from my mom) with my parents’ picture and my brother’s picture inside. The three hankies that I carried down the aisle are also attached to the bouquet.

The very important gold Manolos:

gold manolo blahnik

carolina herrera something blue initial

the “E” that was stitched into my gown by the folks at Carolina Herrera. I didn’t know it was there until I picked up my train to walk outside. It was a beautiful surprise, and it’s BLUE!

carolina herrera gown tag

gamecocks garter

the garter that I used for the garter toss. It’s a Gamecock garter and was a surprise to Todd. I had a really beautiful garter that I’ll keep as an heirloom and we didn’t toss to the boys.

acorn boutonniere

Todd’s boutonniere. The little acorns were a surprise to him. His groomsmen and the ushers didn’t have the acorns. My last name sounds like “acorn” and that is Todd’s nickname for me. It was very sweet when he saw them in there.

gold lace programs

The ceremony programs. Use used the lace design again for the cover. The programs ended up being about 8 pages long because we included little bios on each of our attendants, singers, musicians, minister, ushers, bell ringers, and house party. This little addition was a really big hit. Our guests told us later that they really enjoyed reading about all of the people who were so important to us. Todd and I each wrote stories about how we’d met the special person in the wedding and what they’re doing today.

flower girls ringing bells

Samantha and Natalie, our bell ringers, make their way down the aisle. The chapel didn’t allow us to drop flowers in the aisle, so we had the little girls ring tiny little bells. The processional music began (Highland Cathedral) and it was very softly played on the piano. Then the organ joined the piano and Sam and Natalie came down the aisle ringing their little hearts out. The sound was so sweet and only the most stone cold person wouldn’t have cried. It was really moving. After they took their seats with their mother, the piano dropped out and the organ came in full force with the chorus of Highland Cathedral and my dad and I walked down the aisle. Ahhh…. definitely my favorite 5 minutes of the whole day! :) Those little bells were terrific!
It was really important to us to have little symbols and small touches that would make us feel comfortable on our wedding day and remind us to smile and remember the small things. The locket was a really special thing to me and I had asked my mom if I could borrow it. The morning of the wedding I started to panic because I realized I hadn’t put the pictures of my parents and my brother in there. I picked up the bouquet, opened the locket, and saw that two pictures had already been placed inside. My mom had taken care of it. There was an adorable picture of my brother (who is now 22) when he was 6 years old and a great photo of my parents inside.

*all photos by Kelly Moore Photography