The Bridal Portraits

I just realized recently that not every bride takes bridal portraits before her wedding day. I’ve always liked the idea because I love to see the bride’s large portrait on display when you walk into the reception. I flew to Louisiana in March to meet Kelly Moore for my bridal portrait session. I wanted a mix of contemporary and Southern photos and settings. Kelly likes to challenge her brides to be fearless and to really let go during the portrait sessions.

We ended up in a very swampy area with lots of low hanging moss. As I stood there, barefoot in my dress, standing on a moving blanket and a sheet, my feet sinking, I could feel the mud and swampy water between my toes. Gotta love Louisiana! You probably can’t tell that when you look at this photo!

louisiana bridal portrait

I like to call this photo “Swamp Bride.”

It is Todd’s favorite and ended up being the portrait that we displayed on an easel just inside the reception doors.

louisiana bridal portrait

louisiana bridal portrait

This is the “Southern Bride” photo I was hoping for!

Having a day to spend in your wedding dress before your wedding day was really fun. It was also really helpful for the fitting process. I was able to see when the dress would slide down or where it might feel uncomfortable. It was obviously fun to get to be a superstar in front of a camera with an unlimited amount of time to play in your dream dress!