Etiquette 101: Gratuities

We received the following email from reader Jessica:

Could you please address the issue of tipping…specifically, who to tip and how much? I’m having my reception at a restaurant, and in the contract, the quoted price includes gratuity. Should I still hand out cash to each of the servers and bartenders at the end of the night…that seems awkward, but I don’t want to make anyone feel badly. I know I should tip a DJ, but what about the photographers? They’ll have dinner at the same time as we do, and I assume that I should not tip them. Anyone I’m leaving out? After everyone works so hard on our wedding, the last thing I want to do is to not take care of them properly. Your help is much appreciated.

Jessica, this is such a great question!  So much so that we asked Liene from the fabulous Blue Orchid Designs blog to address it in her week of guest posts a few months ago.

In [intlink id=”1394″ type=”post”]this post[/intlink], Liene discusses the etiquette surrounding gratuities.  And [intlink id=”1443″ type=”post”]here[/intlink], she lets us all know which vendors to tip and what the expected gratuity amounts should be.  The comments section in both post also asks and answers a lot of other burning questions, such as whether or not to provide meals to your vendors, tipping self-employed vendors, and where exactly that “service charge” on your quote goes!

Hope this helps!