4 months to go!

I can’t believe it, but Tuesday was the 4 month mark! 4 more months of singledom. 4 more months of my last name as I’ve known it. 4 more months until W-day, the day I’ve been planning and thinking about since last fall. It’s coming quickly! Time to really start locking in my choices and ordering things like the bridesmaid dresses, buying the invitations, and getting on with the DIY!

I thought I’d post what I have so far, in pictures. Because I’ve changed my mind on some things – oh, how I’ve changed my mind!! You’ll remember that I’m an indecisive bride, a phenomenon that was explained perfectly over on A Practical Wedding this week (seriously, this was a *brilliant* post!). BUT!! I can confidently say that now, after thinking through a gazillion different alternatives and options, I really think I’ve found the ones that I’m truly truly happy with. Ones that make me say “Yes! That’s it!”. Finally.

So, I’ll start off with the big change – the bridesmaid dresses. The reason for the change is two-fold. First, I was having a hard time co-ordinating all of the oranges. I know they don’t all have to match perfectly, but any table runners and the dresses need to be pretty close, as the girls wearing the dresses will be sitting at the tables! And those needed to co-ordinate with the flowers somewhat. And the ribbon on the cake. And the invitations?? The ink for the invitations??? So, I started thinking of other possible colors for the dresses. This would make it easier. Into Alfred Angelo I went, to look at the different color options. And that’s when I saw it… the brand new style they had displayed in their window. It was super cute, and for $159.00, it was the same price as the others I had chosen. I did look at other color combinations for the original dress I had chosen, but I kept glancing over at the cute new style in the window. Finally, I gave in and tried it on…. (please please please, excuse the bra straps!)

I really like this dress. I love the pleating detail on the chiffon skirt, and I just think it’s really cute! That’s the first change – I decided to go with my gut and choose this dress for my girls (who love it too, by the way!). Then, thinking again about the color issue, I decided to go with a navy blue for this dress. I think navy is such a classic and rich color, it will look beautiful with gold shoes and an orange bouquet, and like black, looks more like a cocktail dress than a “bridesmaid” dress.

Photo from InStyle Weddings.

In addition to the bridesmaid dresses, here is what I have so far:

Now, onto finalizing the guest list (we’re 90% there!), sending out the Save-the-Dates (yes, I know it’s late!), buying invitation paper and gocco supplies, addressing and sending out invitations, coming up with a music list, putting together the guest book, table runners??, making bridesmaid jewelry, finding jewelry for me…… ah, the list goes on. At least I have 4 more months to go! Well, 3 and a half at least. Better get busy!

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!