Library Launch


I would love to be eloquent and/or witty at this time, but the words escape me.  Not only have our many many friends helped us promote the site (more on that later), but you’re actually reading and using the site!  The Library has already linked brides with vendors and emails with link suggestions have flooded are inbox (we have over 100 links to be added in the next week). E and I have poured ourselves into this project, and we are so happy to see that you really love and need it!

If you have not received an email response from us yet, know that we are working on it!  We personally respond to each and every email, so it takes some time.  If we happen to overlook or misfile your email, please wait a few days and email us again.  Our primary goal has been and will always be to maintain a personal feel to this blog and the work we do.  We love this community!

So what can you expect this week?  On top of our normal posting, each day will bring new profiles of our fabulous sponsors. These amazing people agreed to advertise without knowing anything more than the basic details!  We’ll also keep you updated on the new links we add.  We hope you enjoy it!

E and A