Blue Orchid Designs

When A. and I began blogging, one of the individuals that we immediately looked up to was Liene from Blue Orchid Designs. We see her as the gold standard of the blogging and wedding communities, and are so thrilled to highlight her company as part of our Library launch*!

Photo by Karey Michelle via Blue Orchid Designs

In Liene’s words:

Blue Orchid Designs is a full-scale event design and planning firm specializing in luxury and destination weddings. We help couples define their style and work with them to create a wedding that is memorable, hospitable, stress-free and fun. We’re available at any point of the process, from the beginning concept stages to tying up the loose ends a month out and making sure things run smoothly on the day of the wedding.

We love weddings because we love being able to help a couple celebrate their story. The vibe of a wedding is unique and very different than that of corporate events or other social functions. Weddings are a reunion of sorts, bringing families and friends together to celebrate the lives – past, present and future – of the bride and groom. We love that we get to help people relax and truly enjoy their wedding and the people who mean the most to them

Liene’s team is made up of the following amazing individuals:
– Liene Stevens, Founder and Lead Consultant
– Nicki Ritz, Client Services Director
– Allyson Moncayo, Associate Consultant
– Katie Kelly, Associate Consultant
– Amanda Moncayo, Associate Consultant

We know that Liene loves what she does, because we see it every time she blogs on the Blue Orchid blog or the Smart Planner. But we didn’t know just HOW much!

We love it more than Thrifty Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream. For you East Coaster’s, more than Yuengling. If that’s even possible.

Liene, thank you so much for being an inspiration to us and for participating in the Library!


*Please know that we would never compromise this blog’s integrity by giving a biased opinion on a paid listing. We contacted our initial sponsors based on the fact that we personally know and admire their work, and our Q&A sessions with them are in no way a part of the advertising on the Library, rather they are a glimpse into some of our favorite vendors.