Flush Designs

Our next Library Sponsor is Flush Designs, listed in the Stationery section of the EAD Library. Our first love here at Elizabeth Anne Designs is stationery. We love receiving beautiful invitations, and Flush Designs definitely delivers. Created and owned by Courtney Keefe de Jauregui, Flush Designs sets the standard for custom invitation design. Courtney hand creates invitations that truly reflect the personality and style of the client.

We asked Courtney why she loves her profession, and she said:

Everything I do is by hand. Each one of my invitations I design are their own little works of art. I love the process, the brainstorming, and the excitement of my clients as the invitations and all the details to their wedding falls into place. It really keeps my creative and artistic side fulfilled and also really makes me feel appreciated at the same time. I love giving encouragement and thanks to the brides (& grooms) that they too have played a huge roll in the design process.

You can immediately see how much time and effort Courtney puts into her work. I am both envious and in awe of her creative abilities.

You can read what Courtney has been up to at her Flush Designs Blog.



This, as everything we post on the blog, is not a paid advertisement. We would never compromise this blog’s integrity by giving a biased opinion on a paid listing. We contacted our initial sponsors based on the fact that we personally know and admire their work, and our Q&A sessions with them are in no way a part of the advertising on the Library, rather they are a glimpse into some of our favorite vendors.