Inspired by…”the Holiday”

Recently, over at Cote de Texas, Joni profiled the two houses featured in the movie “the Holiday” with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslett. I LOVE this movie, and partly due to the two beautiful houses they feature. Being in the design field, I believe you can find inspiration from many different areas of your life – your wardrobe, your house or apartment, or even pictures of clothes or rooms you’re drawn to and like. They say a lot about you, and what styles you prefer. So today, I thought I would take a picture of one of the rooms from the movie, and try to use it as inspiration for a wedding!

I decided to use Iris’ charming English cottage:

*both pictures from Cote de Texas

Lovely, isn’t it?? From the picture, I came up with these choices:

*photo from Flush Designs

*above 3 photos from

*above 2 photos from Style Court

*above 3 photos from Ballard Designs

I love the romantic feel of this theme! It would be great for a historic property, or in a garden. Even though it is a soft and pretty look, color and pattern are important. If you didn’t want to use patterned tablecloths, you could use a pattern as an overlay or runner to bring in the colorful pattern. The room is such a mix of colors, textures, and patterns – cotton, velvet, floral prints, stripes, stone accents, natural wood…. Using contrasting textures and colors makes it interesting.

I hope you all enjoyed this inspiration! Next week, I’ll take inspiration from Cameron Diaz/Amanda’s house in Los Angeles:

*photo from Cote de Texas

Have a great weekend!!