Clutch-ing at my heartstrings…

I really WANT to tell you all about my dress. But I’m trying to keep it kind of sacred (especially from Hunter, an occasional reader). I’m trying to sort out what I can and cannot tell you, but suffice it to say – “I’m in LOVE with my dress!!!”

In the meantime, I’m awaiting delivery of my first accessory!

I’m a girl that loves me a nice purse. I’ll admit I may have a few too many in a drawer. Some are die hard love affairs, and some are spontaneous purchases who’s glory days are over. I am , however, pretty selective in my taste and rarely do I have an intense reaction to the sight of a purse these days.

That is, until I saw these clutches. I absolutely required one. I couldn’t help it.

(image source: etsy seller RedRubyRose)

Big ups to One Small Star for alerting the bridal world to these stunners.

This stunning Peony clutch is currently being made with peacock blue lining, just for me!… Its so sexy and edgy and exotic. It was just. too. tempting.

How can a bride be expected to resist? Its preposterous. Shipping from the UK is only $6.50, she takes custom orders, and is a doll to work with, too. Big love to my mom who gifted this to me, after I emailed her, drooling with purse-lust. I’ll post pics once it comes in. I’m so excited!