One Love Photo

Our next Library sponsor is Heather from One Love Photo. Located in Tacoma, Washington, Heather is a fantastic photographer with an eye for quirky details. Specifically, Heather creates the most amazing mixed media art from her photographs.

You can find more of her mixed media work on her blog.

On the topic of shooting weddings, Heather says:

I enjoy weddings because there is always a lot of magic to capture! I love families and kisses and parties and dancing and cake and flowers, oh and big pretty dresses, I just love weddings!

Heather has been practicing photography for ten years. She shoots with a variety of cameras, including a plastic Holga. You can find booking information on her website, One Love Photo.

Heather also offers a 15% discount for all weddings outside of her area to offset travel fees. How fantastic is that!


This, as everything we post on the blog, is not a paid advertisement. We would never compromise this blog’s integrity by giving a biased opinion on a paid listing. We contacted our initial sponsors based on the fact that we personally know and admire their work, and our Q&A sessions with them are in no way a part of the advertising on the Library, rather they are a glimpse into some of our favorite vendors.