Inspired by…. “the Holiday” Part II

Last week, I used Iris’ (Kate Winslett’s character) charming English country house for inspiration for a wedding. This week, I’m using Amanda’s (Cameron Diaz) very clean lined, modern Mediterranean house for inspiration.

The house they used for exterior shots was built in 1928 in Pasadena by famed architect Wallace Neff as his own residence. Interior sets were built on a soundstage (but are still beautiful!)

The feeling and look of this house is very clean, modern, neutral colors with shots of grayed navys, purples, and taupes. The overall feeling is light though, because the darker contrasting colors are kept in small doses. This would make for a great fall or winter wedding because the colors are muted, and would be a good scheme if you were getting married someplace very modern, like a loft.

*above 3 pictures from Cote de Texas

Here is my take on it:

*monogram from DeLovely Designs

*above picture of the Viceroy from here

*above picture from InStyle Weddings

*above picture of the Viceroy from here

*picture of cake from

*above bouquet from Fiore Fresco

*above picture from

*picture from InStyle Weddings

*picture from InStlye Weddings

*above picture from here

I envisioned a modern and sophisticated California wedding, and the place that popped into my mind was the Viceroy Hotel. So using that as a backdrop, I added the rich and deep plum colored bridesmaid dresses to contrast the lightness of everything else. And I know we’ve seen the Vera Wang dress before, but I love it! It’s one of my favorites, and it fits well with this inspiration as it is modern, structured, and simple. And the floral shoulder reminded me of the bouganvilla cascading over the balcony of the house!

I also wanted to say that I loved Elizabeth’s post yesterday about finding inspiration! Sometimes it’s easy to have “inspiration block” when you’re looking at the same wedding things over and over again… sometimes looking at something fresh and non-wedding-y can spark creativity.

Happy Friday, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!