Inspired Goodness

Our next Library sponsor is Inspired Goodness. Owned and operated by Kimberly, a New York graphic designer, Inspired Goodness is so unique we had to create a category specifically for it!

From invitations to monogrammed wreaths, Kimberly can take care of it all.  To add to the goodness, she also writes a blog that consistently provides inspiration and ideas for E and I.

Look for a feature on Kimberly’s own wedding later today!


This, as everything we post on the blog, is not a paid advertisement. We would never compromise this blog’s integrity by giving a biased opinion on a paid listing. We contacted our initial sponsors based on the fact that we personally know and admire their work, and our Q&A sessions with them are in no way a part of the advertising on the Library, rather they are a glimpse into some of our favorite vendors.