Flower Power

Has this happened to anyone else? My florist went out of business.

Luckily for me, there are three things that make this not so bad.

1) I had only put down $50 to save my date

2) Another local florist is supposedly honoring the contracts and all monies already paid

3) My DOC (who rocks!) is very good friends with her recommended florist

Saturday, I am going to meet with the new florist, the one who my DOC uses, to talk bouquets. I’m wanting to use roses as they are beautiful, always available, and have a million different color options. I love the Leonitas rose, which is a terracotta color, but I may do something more of an orange. The other local florist, who has been around a long time, has kind of irked me a bit… they haven’t returned my phone calls! That’s never a good sign, so I’m assuming I won’t be seeing my $50 again. And if I needed any help deciding not to use them, not returning my phone calls fits the bill!!

Since we’re using candles as our centerpieces, and we’re trying to keep costs down, we’re only going to use a florist for our bouquets, the bouts, and the cake flowers. We are planning on having a few casual arrangements placed strategically around at places like the guest book table, by the escort cards and bar, but we are planning on doing those ourselves. I love the look of simple arrangements. And since I’m wanting to stay with monochromatic or single color roses in simple arrangements, I don’t think it’ll be too hard. I’m thinking of something like this (in more of a vintage vase):

*image from BigRose.com

For the bouquets, I’m also thinking simple arrangements with a single color. I love the look of bouquets that are leafy, and look like you just gathered them from the garden.

{Image Source: The Knot}

One of the things I definitely want to incorporate into our bouquets is a big loopy ribbon, like the second picture. I love that look! And can I tell you just how much I LOVED Kim’s sparkly bouquet ribbon from Wednesday’s real wedding???? That was utter fabulousness right there (I’m not sure that “fabulousness” is a word, but that’s what that beaded ribbon was!).

*do I need to tell you that this image came from here?

I’m also considering feathers. Kind of like this, but maybe not so strong?

{Image Source: Perez Photography}

The bouts will be simple, one flower. When we talked about it, that’s what Chris wants, so that’s what we’ll use, although if we incorporate feathers it may be neat to add a feather or two into his!

So even though I’m out $50, I think everything will turn out fine. And by using my DOC’s florist, she’ll pick up the bouquets for us and save us the delivery fee, which is nice, and probably would have amounted to $50! I am so glad now that I didn’t put down more of a deposit (as I would surely have lost it!).

Can’t wait to meet with the new florist tomorrow!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!