Hawaii Reviews


E is a HUGE fan of Hawaii! She’s been several times, and has big love for the islands. Our library was seriously lacking in great Hawaiian vendors, so we asked Evonne from Events by Evonne to review a few fabulous vendors. What better person to review than Evonne, who is an event planner and a Hawaiian bride! We chose 3 vendors that she personally used for her wedding and asked her to review. Word of mouth is the best advertisement!



Yvonne is one of the best floral designers on the islands. I hired her for my own wedding because I fell in love with her work right away. She is very good at listening to what the clients want. When you meet with her during the consultation meeting, she would take extensive notes and would make suggestions to clients if they are not sure what they are looking for. The one thing I like Yvonne the most is that she is very creative and artistic. She has a lot of passion with what she does and it shows in her work. She truly cares about each and every client that she works with. I enjoy working with her both as a bride and as a planner because we both have very high standards and expectations of our work, and we only want the best for our clients.

EUGENE KAM, Photography

I like Eugene since the day I met him in May 2004! He has a wonderful personality and is very easy-going. I also hired him for my own wedding because we get along so well and his work is truly amazing; it totally captures the moment of the day. Eugene always has an assistant photographer with him on the day of the wedding, so if he is with the bride and groom and the bridal party, the assistant will be taking photos of the family and guests. They are very easy to work, they give you enough directions without being very intrusive, so you can relax and enjoy having your photos taken. If you plan on using Eugene, I highly recommend hiring him to do your getting-ready photos as well. Those are the most romantic and sensual photos that I have ever seen and done, and they turn out to be some of my very favorite ones in my wedding album!


Alison is a doll! She is very sweet, very easy going and she makes the make-up session really fun to handle especially for brides who don’t normally wear makeup (such as myself). She loves talking to her clients and making them feel at ease during the session. I hired her for my own wedding as well because I admire her work, her skill and her talent, and she works VERY efficiently. I love it when she has a “tool kit/belt” tied around her waist with all her brushes and everything! That’s like her signature look! Alison has been in business for over 20 years and all of her clients just adore her. I highly recommend having a trial session for your hair and makeup, so there are no surprises on the day of the wedding!

You can find these vendors, as well as many more, in the Library!