Day After Portraits

I am really looking forward to our day after portraits! When we first met with our photographer and were talking about different packages, she brought up and suggested we do day after portraits. I had never really heard of these before, but they are a great way to get some beautiful portraits of the two of you without having to worry about getting your dress dirty, keeping your guests waiting, or anything else you may be thinking of the day of your wedding. You can just relax and have some fun!

*above photos from Jessica Claire

What I think is great is that you can go to some really cool places to get those great shots that you may not have time to go and get the day of your wedding.

*above photo from Stacy Reeves

*above photo from Jasmine Star

*above photo from Justine Ungaro

I LOVE that you can take some really beautiful photographs that are so artistic and a little different than the traditional wedding party poses (which are great too, but you could hang some of these on your wall!). For us, with our budget, I decided to not do bridals and instead to do the day after portraits. I didn’t know what I would do with 20 or more pictures of just myself posing in my gown. But I definitely plan on sneaking in a few the day after!

*above photo from Justine Ungaro

And if you’re interested in the “trash-the-dress” shots, these are some really great ones:

*above photos from Stacy Reeves

They really have a “From Here to Eternity” look!

Is anyone else out there planning on doing a day after shoot?? I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some really great artistic and fun shots of both Chris and I dressed up! As the day approaches (78 days and counting!), I’ve been saving some of my favorite ideas to show my photographer. I hope to get some pictures that we will can show off for years to come!

Hope you all have a GREAT holiday weekend!