The Fanciest of Feet

Finding dress shoes is always a difficult task for me. I think my feet are pretty, but they’re quite narrow and flat – so I often slide right through sandals. I also have the longer second toe, known as Morton’s Toe (which is rumored to denote wisdom – yeah, dawg) but makes it quite difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably.

So, I knew that while my mom was in town, we had to finally find the perfect shoes. Perfect in style, heel height, color, and most of all – affordability! After so many shoes have broken my heart with their pricetag (hello, Prada) or stiletto heel (4″, seriously?)… I was starting to lose hope for redemption.

We checked out Nordstrom first – and found a pretty pair in pink…. on sale for $40. Not bad.

See? My middle toe almost hangs off the base! But this is a pretty good fit, for me.

But neither of us were too keen on the silver rhinestones, and the heel was at least an inch too high. But the price was so good, my mom suggested we could try to get a cobbler to shorten the heels. In the end, we just weren’t 100% sold on them… so we bid adieu and moved on.

A few days later we made an impromptu stop at the Citadel Outlet Mall on the way home from Little India. We scanned through a few shoe stores, and saw nothing exciting. As we were headed to meet up with Hunter in the parking lot, my mom wandered into Nine West. I was just about to tell her we had to keep moving, when she gasped “Oh my lord in heaven!” and pointed at the wall.

There they were. THE shoes. The one shoe to bind us all. The perfect color, the perfect heel height, the perfect style…. And guess what?

They were on sale for $14.99! Holler!

We went into hyperdrive. They magically had my size. I slipped it on – it was beautiful. Not only that, but it was comfortable! It was truly a Cinderella fit. We panted and bounced up to the register.

I plopped them down and proudly declared, “madam, these are my wedding shoes! And they’re only $14.99! And they’re perfect!” The sales lady got all giddy along with us, cooing over their beauty and amazing price. Hunter must have thought we were crazy as loons as we approached him – balls of energy and excitement with mad grins plastered across our faces.

So, without further ado, I hereby present my babies.

(image source)

Could they be more lovely?

Peep Toe D’orsay? Check.
2″ heel? Check.
Subtle bling? Check.
Sassy orange color? Check!
And the price was beyond right. Thank you, shoe fairy… wherever you may be.

Have you had your Cinderella moment yet? If not, hie ye to your local outlet mall! You never know what you’ll find….