Our Programs

This week, E and I will be sharing some of our fabulous creations.  Yay for creativity!  First up, the programs from my wedding in March of 2007.  E spent a LOT of time on these, and they went well beyond anything I have ever done or seen since then. E used diagonal enclosures from Paper Source, a variety of gorgeous papers, ribbon, punches, brads, vellum and stamps.  As you can imagine, they took her forever to complete, but the end result was so incredibly perfect.

The front of the program.  (This is actually upside down.)

The entire packet with 4 enclosures.  We included: order of service, wedding party, poem (written by my husband) and our new address with information about the group photo.

The inside cover of the folder.

Order of Service.


Our address (not our current address in case you’re trying to stalk!) and photo.

Back cover.
(I left out the image of the wedding party page because of privacy.)

Needless to say, our guests were blown away by E’s hard work.