Wedding Day Hair

Oh, hello Myra from Twigs & Honey!  Why, what a beautiful flower you’re wearing… what?  It’s for me??

That’s right!  This week I received this GORGEOUS flower in the mail for my wedding!!  It’s so beautiful in person, and I think will be so pretty in my hair on my wedding day.  It’s so tactile, I couldn’t resist the urge to touch it when it came (with clean fingers, of course)!

*both pictures above from Twigs & Honey

So this has got me thinking again on hairstyles.  I know I want to wear my hair up, and I thought I was sold on this style:

*picture from People.com

But, to make sure that I find the best hairstyle for me, I’ve been considering other alternatives.  I would like to find the one that looks the best on me, with my long but fine hair.  Here is a picture of Chris and I, and how my hair “normally” looks:

And here are a few of the other hairstyles I’m considering:

*picture from Justine Ungaro.com

*picture from Jennifer Behr.com

*picture from Stacy Reeves Photography

*picture from Beautyriot.com

*picture from Brides.com

I’m just not sure if I want to go for a more structured or a more loose look.  Logically, I should get to the hairstylist to experiment!

How are you wearing your hair for your wedding?  Did you try out different styles?