Reader Question: Navy Uniforms

All this week, A and I will be answering some of the emails we have received from our readers.  First up is Loren, who asks:

I would love any suggestions or guidance. My fiance is an officer in the Navy and would like to wear his choker whites (white uniform, top to bottom) to the wedding. He has 7 groomsmen, 4 of whom are also in the Navy. My fiance would like to have those in the Navy also wear their choker whites but we can’t decide what to put the other 3 in. We are having a garden wedding in late summer 2009 with a casual feel. Any suggestions? Ultra light khaki suits? Dark navy suits? I haven’t even started to contemplate what the bridesmaids will wear.. I have always loved burnt orange or chocolate brown…

Well Loren, I think you can go a variety of ways here.  If your event was going to be inside or more formal, my suggestion would be dark navy or black suits or even the old stand-by, tuxedos.  But since you are having a garden event, I would dress the groomsmen in whatever you love best if the uniforms weren’t an issue.  I have always been a huge fan of khaki suits for garden weddings (with a tie the color of your bridesmaid gowns) and I think that would look lovely here!

Some khaki suit inspiration for you:

{Jenna Walker Photography}

And for some beautiful burnt orange outdoor inspiration, check out this wedding we featured from Vallentyne Photography.

Readers, any other suggestions for Loren?