Leave yourself some time

I am learning the true importance of leaving yourself enough time to deal with problems that come up in the wedding planning process.

This week, after E. worked very hard on Gocco-ing my wedding invitations, they have been lost in shipment.  Well, not absolutely and totally lost just yet (they are still looking for the box), but as of this moment, they can’t find them.  And, due to needing to get them out in the next week or two, we may be forced to go with a Plan B.  A Plan B that I’m very grateful to have!  Luckily, I gave myself a little extra time.  I’m thinking now that I should have given myself a little MORE time, but I have a little.

Here are some pictures that E. forwarded to me just last week of my beautiful invitations that are now (maybe) lost somewhere in a warehouse…

Ah, they are so pretty…. we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be found.

If this had happened next week, I wouldn’t have much time for a Plan B.  I might have been drawing stick figures on a piece of paper and handwriting everything!  And it wouldn’t have been pretty calligraphy.

With most everything else, I was very careful to leave myself enough time to deal with any hiccups.  My dress??  My final fitting was today.  The caterers?  Chosen in February.  Photography?  Chosen in January.  I didn’t want to wait until the last minute to choose things, for fear that something could go wrong.  And, for the most part, my plan worked!

At least my dress fitting went really well today!  I brought along my hairpiece, which looks so pretty.  The dress is perfect and beautiful, and it is all ready for the big day.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that my invitations to that big day will be here.