Reader Question: Dessert Reception

Beth writes to ask:

I’d really like to have a dessert reception. I think the only appropriate time of day to do this is late evening, but as we’re having a Catholic wedding, the only times to get married at our church are 12:30 and 2:30 pm. While not ideal, would it be okay to have a 2:30 ceremony followed by a 3:30-6:30 dessert reception? (We’d obviously let everyone know in the form of “Dessert reception to follow” on the invitations…

Beth, I think that a 2:30 wedding is the ideal time for a dessert reception. With a 12:30 ceremony, the guests would not have time to eat prior to the wedding, but at 2:30 they will have had a full lunch and then can leave your reception and still have dinner at a normal hour.

Dessert receptions are so trendy and fun and we love the look of the buffets that have been prevalent lately, such as this one from Amy Atlas via Once Wed:

With a little styling and forethought, your dessert reception can be uber-chic and totally affordable!