Lovely hands to hold

I just love the way Mehndi looks on a bride. Its such a lovely, delicate and sometimes surprising detail with big impact.

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How frickin’ sweet are those shoes?

Mehndi is an intricate henna application typically done to the hands and/or feet of brides of mid-east/eastern descent, but is gaining popularity among other cultures for its beauty, and is even making appearances in fashion these days.

Mendhi is one of the sixteen adornments bestowed on a Hindu bride during Solah Shringar (the pre-wedding beautification process). In this way, mehndi marks the rite of passage of marriage in a girl’s life and her initiation into womanhood. Very sweet.

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Once we decided on our wedding theme as Magic Carpet Ride, and started researching, designing and imagining the possibilities, I started toying with the idea of having a subtle mehndi done on my hands for our big day. I knew I didn’t want anything overstated or obtrusive, but just didn’t find a photo that sparked my fire…

…Then I saw this:

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From the lovely “When Mehndi Met Mariachi” wedding featured in Nirali Magazine.

The lotus pattern is so romantic and delicate. I love the idea of doing just the palms of my hands so the design is more unexpected and muted…. I’m sold! I’ve just made Mehndi a Must-do on my list.

What about you? Are you incorporating unexpected multi-cultural elements in your wedding look?