Third Time’s a Charm!

I am a Gemini. I can never make up my mind and it drives my husband nuts. Even when it comes to ordering a meal at a restaurant, I narrow down my choices to three dishes and order what sounds good at the moment the server arrives. And the cherry on top: I never like what I do order and end up eating off his plate.

When it came time to plan my wedding I felt that same pressure but I felt like my whole life depended on my decision on that one particular item! I second guessed the entire planning process which led me to three wedding gowns, three pairs of shoes, and three photographers. Thus the number three became my lucky number!

I bought my first wedding gown upon impulse (I’m the worst impulse shopper). It was an R-Mine Bridal Couture custom gown designed for a runway bridal show. It sat in my closet and I realized I never “loved” it when it came time to get alterations.

My second dress was a JCrew “Goddess” gown that I bought to change into during the reception to dance in. When it came to the day of the wedding, I was so incredibly busy that I just never had a chance to change.

My third and final gown was THE wedding gown of my dreams. It was the Monique Lhuillier “Camelot” gown and I fell in love with it years ago when I saw it on Kevin Costner’s bride, Christine Baumgartner.

{Image via Partypop}

Now looking at my pictures, I can’t imagine getting married in any other gown. It was a dream come true!

monique lhullier gown
(Image courtesy of Jonilyn Photography)

(Images courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

I bought three pairs of shoes because I couldn’t decide which one I loved more.

(Image courtesy of Natalie Williams Photography)

The first pair were the Stuart Weitzman “Exciting” shoes. They were sexy, tall, and oh so chic. I soon realized after wearing them around the house to break them in that they weren’t so comfortable.

My second pair of shoes were the popular Apple green Nine West “Jojus” shoes. I wanted to add some flare to my bridal outfit. I had every intent to change into them mid way through the day but again never got the chance.

I did wear my third pair of shoes from Chinese Laundry. They were 4” tall platform D’Orsay Ivory satin heels and I loved every minute of wearing these shoes.

(Image courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

I felt confident, sexy and most importantly comfortable all day even when my brother and sister thought they would embarrass me by requesting “The Right Stuff” by New Kids On the Block. A side story: when I was thirteen years old, I loved New Kids on the Block. I mastered all their “choreography” and would make my younger brother, sister and cousins learn them too. When I heard that song over the speakers I marched out to the dance floor, grabbed my brother to join me, and kicked up my heels side to side during the chorus “Oh, Oh, Oh, the right stuff.” It was hilarious and I had a blast!

(Image courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

Lastly, I hired three extremely talented photographers: Jason Q Tran, Jonilyn Brown and Natalie Williams. Yes, it was like paparazzi but who cares! Now that I have my photos back, there was not one thing that was overlooked. Jason’s work is simply amazing and jaw dropping.

(Images courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

I like to call Jonilyn “The Queen of Detail shots.”

pink and gold reception details
(Images courtesy of Jonilyn Photography)

Natalie Williams was hired to shoot my photo booth but she shot so much more.

(Images courtesy of Natalie Williams Photography)

Lastly my husband bought me three rings. The first was my engagement ring. When it came time to select wedding bands I fell I love with the look of a band on both sides of my engagement ring. We bought one wedding band that day and on my birthday which was two months before our wedding my husband surprised me with the second wedding band AKA my third ring. He presented it to me when I accused him of forgetting my birthday. I slowly pulled my foot out of my mouth.

(Images courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

So yes, the number three is now my lucky number!