A Crystal Extravaganza

Written by LeeAnn’s wedding coordinator, Paola Spagnoletti, owner of Just Chic Events:

There is nothing I love more than seeing a bride’s vision come together on her wedding day!! LeeAnn came to me 7 months prior to her 8/2 wedding date, and we hit it off immediately…..she had this gorgeous vision in her mind of an ivory, peach and pale green wedding, and wanted to infuse some of the Old World glamour that her venue, the Ayres Hotel exuded upon entrance.

Photo Credit: Jason Q. Tran Photography

Upon hearing this, all I could keep thinking in my mind was crystals, crystals crystals!! I knew that she could add them to most of the elements of her decor, and keep create a cohesive, glamorous look throughout the entire wedding. She incorporated crystals in her ceremony decor with the chandeliers we hung in the trees, the hanging crystal escort cards (more on that below), her reception’s beautiful florals done by The Treasured Petal, and the dazzling cake topper.

During our initial phone call consult (I only got to actually meet with LeeAnn in person a few times since she was planning from out of state), LeeAnn told me from the get-go, that she wasn’t one of those “crafty DIY chicks.” I knew that with a little guidance, we could bring out the Martha Stewart in her, and she proved me right!! LeeAnn loved the look of the manzanita trees and hanging crystal escort cards I had for my own wedding, so she decided to use the trees, give the cards a go, and attempt to DIY these gorgeous details herself! I think she out-did herself:

escort card tree

escort card tree

For full detailed instructions of these manzanita trees and crystal escort cards, you can review my past entry on Style Me Pretty’s blog. (Photo Credit: Top photo – Natalie Williams Photography, Bottom photo – Jason Q. Tran Photography)

The cake was another element where she knew she wanted to add some “bling,” so I convinced LeeAnn that we could make these sparkly cake toppers ourselves!! LeeAnn bought some gorgeous Swarovski crystals in AB Clear and in a warm Amber, and we got to work!! The finished project was something to be proud of, and she ended up paying less than a quarter of what she would have paid for them retail:

diy cake topper

I adored every aspect of LeeAnn’s crystal-filled wedding, and I would have expected nothing less from this stylish and glamorous bride!!

To make your own DIY crystal cake topper:

Materials needed:

– 8 crystals (or more) in the colors of your choice (Swarovski gives off the best *bling* effect). Note: make sure that the crystals have 2 pre-drilled holes through the top of the crystal.

– 1 foot of 18-20 gauge silver wire for every crystal you’ve purchased

– Wire Cutters

– Round-nose pliers


Cut a length of wire, about 10-12 inches in length and slip one end through the top of the crystal, through the pre-drilled holes, until about an inch of wire is seen on the other end of the opening:

Using your fingertips, bring the short end of the wire up to meet the long end of the wire at the top edge of the crystal:

Holding the crystal in one hand, and the tip of the pliers perpendicular top of the crystal, pinch the two ends of the wires together, and rotate the pliers in a clockwise motion. This will begin to wrap the short end of the wire around the longer end.

Once the short end of the wire has wrapped around the longer end a complete turn, clip the remaining edge of the short wire.

Bend the finished product to desired arch, and clip the end to desired length. These can also be varying lengths to create drama and interest on the cake top!

And lastly, sit back and smugly admire your genius work!!