Don’t Forget the Flower Girl!

My four-year-old niece and flower girl, Brooke, is the ultimate girly girl.

(Image by Jonilyn Photography)

Brooke loves pinks, purples, flowers and butterflies. She loves to wear dresses and couldn’t wait to wear her “princess” flower girl dress and custom head band that she’d picked the colors for. For months, she asked her mother (my sister) if the wedding was coming up.

Our wedding day was so hectic and I wish I had paid more attention to her. When my photographers Jason Q Tran, Jonilyn Brown and Natalie Williams handed over the images, I was so surprised to see just how often she followed me around the entire day. Brooke quietly observed every minute of us getting our hair and make up.

(Images by Jason Q Tran Photography)

Even though it wasn’t planned, my awesome hair stylist Gwen Tran volunteered to curl Brooke’s hair. Brooke loved sitting in the same chair that everyone else did and getting her hair done. She felt special and one of the girls.

Brooke was my shadow and never whined or demanded attention. She was happy to be involved. Below is another favorite series that Jason Q Tran took. I thought Jason was shooting me but he was really shooting Brooke!

Brooke is an outgoing girl. But when it was “show time” she was too afraid to walk down the aisle.

(Image by Jason Q Tran Photography)

She hesitated and stood in the doorway for a moment. My ring bearer, Kevin, and coordinator, Paola of Just Chic Events, had to coax her to walk out.

(Image by Jason Q Tran Photography)

Brooke finally stepped out and giggled the entire way down the aisle.

(Image by Jason Q Tran Photography)

She loved the job of holding my bouquet during the ceremony.

(Image by Natalie Williams Photography)

The only drama occurred right before the introduction of the parents and wedding party. My parents have been divorced for 13 years (they’re now both remarried). Let’s just say they’re not friends. We were standing outside the reception doors ready to be introduced and my parents were first in line. My mother refused to walk in with my father. She yanked her arm, stepped away from him and said “no way.” We were minutes away from the doors opening and my coordinator’s assistant, Anne, got nervous. My two sisters, brother and I were yelling “just do it” but my mother simply refused. I was mortified my new in-laws witnessed the “family drama.” Thankfully both Kevin and Brooke (on their own instinct) stepped in between my parents to create a buffer, grabbed their hands right when the doors opened and walked in. Who knew little four-year-olds could save the day? Here’s the result.

(Image courtesy of Jason Q Tran Photography)

These last two pictures are a few of my favorite wedding photos (even though the first is a little blurry). In the middle of dancing, Brooke came up to me and tugged on my dress. She had waited patiently all day just to give me a hug and kiss.

(Images by Jason Q Tran Photography)

Below is a drawing that Brooke gave me two months before the wedding. It is of me in a wedding gown with a flower and veil on my head. I have a bouquet and am walking on the flower petals that she’s dropped as the flower girl.

I guess the point of this entry was to not forget the little kidlets in your wedding party. They love the attention of being in the wedding!

Thank you for reading this week! And thank you to the ladies here at Elizabeth Anne Designs for being so accomodating to a novice blogger!

It was such a pleasure to share the details of our wedding. Happy planning!