Blue and Orange Beach Wedding

Reader Maddie writes in to ask:

I come to you seeking magic and whimsy (oh and help!) in figuring out the scheme of my funky, beachy, *cheapy* wedding. What I have worked out so far is that I’d love to infuse my wedding with a palette of turquoise, chocolate brown and bright orange. We are having a simple ceremony on a beach in Maine followed by a reception at a restaurant/bar that sits directly on the ocean. The restaurant is wonderfully rustic, with simple wooden tables, chairs, and a huge bar that used to be the front end of a lobster boat. Very brown, lots of fishing net and old ship’s wheels (which, are all delightfully tacky in a way that only my FH and I can appreciate).

I want to incorporate an ocean feel to the decor and attire, but I simply despise ocean themed garb. I like bright, high contrast colors and textures that feel organic, like natural turquoise and weathered metal. And though we plan on having our wedding in a place that is very low maintenance, I at least like to supplement style where I may lack class. How do I make this happen?

Well Maddie, we’ve worked up an inspiration board that we hope fits the bill!

Clockwise from top left: BreeBailey’s Flickr, Jennifer Skog via The Bride’s Cafe, Junk Drawer, Trip Advisor, Brooke Mayo, The Knot, Toast, Laura Hooper, Jamaican Treasures

We love the look of sea glass, branches, and an overall rustic appeal with the bright pop of turquoise and orange.  Maddie, we hope this helps you as you plan what sounds like it will be an amazing wedding!