Shhh…. Can you keep a secret?

As we get closer and closer to our date (which is still 5 weeks away!), it seems like many of the decisions left to be made are kind of tedious… and stressful!  What color of ribbon should I use on my cake?  What print of paper for the programs?  How should I arrange our tables, and what about the seating chart?  You have much less free time to think about these things, and after months and months of planning – either you know exactly what you want, or you’re not as enthusiastic as you were at the beginning.  It’s not that I don’t care anymore, I just think that I’m really going to enjoy de-stressing on the honeymoon!

Like I have said before – some of these wedding decisions are much more fun to make than others!  So after discussing the programs and escort cards, and finding out how much it will cost us to make our exit via a horse-drawn carriage ride (which is ridiculous!!), I just wanted to look at some eye-candy.  That’s when I saw them, again.  Birdcage veils!

And that’s when I decided that I wanted to wear one!  I’ve long admired them in pictures, thinking how cool they were, but I wasn’t sure if I could really pull one off.  I’d even tried one on, and it looked pretty good, but then, there was this conversation:

Me “Hey sweetie, what do you think about this veil?  Isn’t it cool?”

Him “Ugh, I can go out to the garage and get my fishing net if you want it.”

Me “What?”

Him “It looks like a fishing net, on her head.”

Me  :-(

So I just thought they wouldn’t be for me.  After the “fishing net” conversation I thought I just needed to stick to a traditional veil.  Which is pretty.  And I have one I can borrow, for free.  But, I wasn’t just sold on it.  I still kind of wondered.  Well, after seeing the birdcage veils the other night, I wondered no more.

“So what?” I thought.

So what if he thinks it looks like a fishing net on my head!  I like them, I think they’re interesting and pretty, and I want to wear one on my wedding day!  (And I’m pretty sure that nobody at my wedding will compare me to a fishing net!)

So the secret was born.   But not just from him, from everyone else except for one of my sisters (and now you, the readers of this blog!).  I know my Mom thinks that they are nice (she was with me when I tried on one a couple months ago), so I’m not worried about that.  I just think it’s a little fun to keep an element of surprise all to myself!

So, shhh…. it’s our secret!

All pictures, and my future birdcage veil, are from Birdcage .  Melody Ginn was very easy to talk with on the phone about what I was looking for and wanted, and I can’t wait to see the final product in a couple weeks!

Have a great weekend!