Chilly weather wraps

Something that I just thought about this week, as a cold front came through, is that I may get cold at my wedding – especially as we exit and take a carriage ride off.

That’s what happens when you live in Texas, where it’s always hot!  You forget that in mid-November, the nights are a little chilly!!

So I’ve been browsing around trying to get some ideas for something that would be cute with my dress, keep me warm, is affordable, and would be something that I would wear again.  I think my #1 fave right now is this classic style bamboo-fiber wrap from


At only $19.99, it’s a great price.  Plus, it comes in many colors.

If you wanted something with a little more pattern, you could always wear something like this green wrap, also from

patterned wrap

For something a little more dressed up, there is always the classic faux fur stole (this one is from

faux fur stole

Or this hand-dyed chiffon bubble wrap from Etsy:

hand-dyed bubble wrap

I really liked the pattern and texture on this ivory mohair wrap, also from Etsy. It just looks so soft and warm!

mohair wrap

Another really cool scarf that I saw was this felted wool one.  It’s got a great shape and texture to it!  It reminded me of the one East Side Bride posted on her blog, but this one is from Etsy:

pink ruffle wrap

If you were having a beautiful rustic wedding, this chunky wrap could fit right in!  It looks really warm, and is definitely something you could wear again often.  Once again, it’s from everyone’s favorite handmade site, Etsy:

crochet wrap

Also off Etsy, I know that many of you have heard of or seen this Holly Stalder shrug:

holly stalder lace shrug

It’s stunning and beautiful!!  My only concern is that it wouldn’t really keep me that warm.  Plus, it’s a bit more expensive than the others (not trying to say that it’s not worth it).  But if anyone wears one of these, I want to see it on!

Are any of you planning on wearing a wrap or jacket at your wedding?  What type of look are you going for?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!