We Love Jillian Michaels

What is more inspiring than watching contestants on The Biggest Loser get into great shape while Jillian and Bob waver between yelling and loving them into skinny jeans? The correct answer – actually getting into shape yourself. Jillian and the rest of Team Biggest Loser are here to help! They have put out some fantastic resources that get results!

30 Day Shred

At $10.99, this DVD is quite frankly the best fitness bargain we’ve found. The only equipment required is a yoga mat, lightweight weights, and determination. We each purchased a copy after reading all 412 positive reviews. We highly recommend it, but be ready to work the fat off. There are 3 different workout levels, and we have yet to try Level 3. For brides looking for a great workout before the big day, this is as good as it gets.

Making the Cut

After trying out the 30 Day Shred, we wanted more of Jillian. Making the Cut delivers that fix in great detail. In fact, there is so much detail, we’re not sure how to wrap our heads around it. Our only complaint would be the textbook feel. However, the book delivers on tests, recipes and workouts. Making the Cut is most appropriate for brides who need to lose 10 to 30 pounds and want a lifestyle change instead of a daily workout. Our favorite feature is the oxidizer test. Who knew the thickness of your nails indicated what type of food you should eat!

Winning by Losing

We have not tried this book, but it appears to be for brides who need to lose more than 40 pounds and don’t know fitness basics. Say goodbye to the chili fries and hello to healthy eating! The most common complaint is that the material is basic, so if you consider yourself a fitness guru take a pass.

What are your favorite fitness books and DVDs?