Advice From the Pros: Lo and Co.

In keeping with our beauty theme this week, we have an Advice From the Pros interview with Laura from the awesome Lo and Co. website and blog.  The Lo & Co. artists offer personal makeup services in the New York City metro area. 

new york city makeup artist

We asked Laura to put together some tips for us on bridal make-up trials!


Lo & Co.: Who was the highest paid person on Sarah Palin’s staff this October? Well, according to the Federal Election Commission, it wasn’t her foreign policy adviser, nor her chief communications officer.  It was her MAKEUP ARTIST. Yes!!
While I am thrilled by the validation of my chosen profession, even I don’t believe that great eye make-up will influence a vote at the United Nations Security Council. But if even the stodgy RNC recognizes the importance of professional makeup, there must be something to it!

On your wedding you are the center of attention, just like in a political campaign, it is all about you looking and feeling great. Why worry about where and how to use your makeup when the  pro has tons of experience and kit full of tried and true products. A pro will also know how to get your look to last all day and tricks to enhancing your best features in person and in photos.  On top of that, it’s a blast to get beautified with your closest friends and family.

When attending a makeup trial here are a few things keep in mind:

  1. Be prepared.  Bring any photos that inspire you. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, think about which celebrities you think look good on the red carpet.
  2. Do you feel comfortable? Do you like their personality? This is the person who you will be staring at right before you put on your dress.
  3. A bridal makeup artist should take an interest in finding out what you think is beautiful.  There is no “one size fits all” in beauty. You want to look great in person as well as photos.
  4. Do they seem professional and dependable? Is their makeup clean and organized? Were they punctual?
  5. When concluding the trial, did they take photos and/or write down what they used on your face?
  6. There should be a contract and a discussion about what you will need on the day (i.e. lip color and pressed powder).
  7. Discuss timing.  Be very careful if an artist has another bride on that day.  There should be ample time in between and traffic must be taken into consideration.
  8. Be realistic. Don’t expect to look exactly like you will on the day of your wedding.  This is a trial and you aren’t in a gown with your hair styled.
  9. If you don’t like something tell the artist.  That is what a trial is for.  Be as specific as possible. The eyeliner is too thick/thin, the blush is too pink.  These are easy changes.
  10. If the artist isn’t open to change, find someone else.


EAD: What is/are your favorite source(s) for bridal makeup inspiration?

Lo & Co.: I collect photos out of print ads, magazines, and anything else that I find interesting or beautiful. Even highly editorial photos have inspired a bridal look. Beauty is very subjective, so when I meet with a bride I really try to get to know her and I ask a ton of questions. My goal as an artist is to find a look that illuminates their physical beauty and their personality. 

{Photo credit: Angelica Glass}
Laura, thank you so much for stopping by EAD today!  Please visit Laura’s website and blog for lots of practical information and enter to win a FREE makeup lesson ($275 value)!