Monogram It!

Today we are welcoming Sarah from the fabulous Monogram Chick blog to give us the skinny on monogramming your wedding!  Thanks for stopping by EAD today Sarah! 

{Monogram Chick}

It was barely a week after my [now] husband slipped the ring on my finger that I was shopping for stationery. Specifically, monogrammed stationery with my new, married identity; because really, that is what monograms are all about–Identity. When you’re single a three letter monogram is simple and straightforward: first name initial on the left, last name initial (larger) in the center, and middle name initial on the right. However, when you marry, things get more complicated and fun.

You have your identity with whatever name you have chosen to use as a married woman and you have your identity as a couple. Both of which can be displayed in three letter monogram form. Whether the bride is taking the groom’s last name or you’re combining last names and adding hyphens, a monogram is always a must have in the newlywed home and is something to keep in mind as you prepare your wedding registries, filling your home with linens, barware and accessories.

{Bella Figura}

Once I’d checked the new monogrammed stationery off the list, I set to work shopping for gifts. As we all know when planning a wedding we count on many, many people to help us through the process. Not the least of which are shower hostesses and our bridal party attendants. Both of whom deserve gifts of gratitude for the time and expense they graciously give to your special day. In my opinion, there is no better way to show your appreciation than with a well planned, monogrammed gift. Everyone loves to get something they know is especially for them. Whether you’re purchasing enclosure cards, tote bags, cosmetic bags, or monogrammed kitchen towels, the recipient is sure to notice the extra thought you put into choosing a gift with only them in mind.

{Monogram Chick}

Now that you have planned your monogrammed home and your monogrammed gifts, it is time to consider the monogrammed ceremony. This is where things get tricky. Strictly speaking, a combined three letter monogram is used after marriage. When planning the details of your wedding it is important to consider how closely you’d like to stick to tradition. For those who find themselves on the more conservative end with a love of monogramming a wedding invitation sans monogram is most acceptable. However, a single initial featuring the bride’s familial last name is also commonplace. Those that don’t find themselves on the conservative side of the monogrammed fence often opt for lavish combined monograms on all their wedding accessories including save the date cards and aisle runners.

Today, monograms are found on everything from invitations and wedding programs to dance floors and cake toppers. Whether you chose to adhere to tradition or set your own rules, at the end of the day you’ll be husband and wife with a new identity as a couple.