Do It Yourself and Involve Everyone You Know

You all know the old proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and it takes quite a cast of characters to carry off a wedding and all of its nitty-gritty details. In order to adhere to a fairly small budget, we enlisted the aid of many family members and friends. Nearly all of the details, from the invitations to the bridesmaids’ dresses, were do-it-yourself tasks. After seeing all the details come together, we realized it doesn’t necessarily take a huge budget to create a beautiful day for you and your guests. You really just need a vision, a plan, and lots of helpers.

To begin, it is very helpful to create inspiration boards. Whether you are coordinating the wedding yourself or having someone assist you, they are a very helpful way to bring the image you have in mind to life.

My original inspiration board.

Green theme

The chosen colors were cream and green with a hint of chocolate brown. The feel was fun, organic, natural, and classy. I had this image in one of my many wedding folders as inspiration.

Subtle green. Nature.

All of our lovely flowers. Ranunculus, sweet peas, snap dragons, wax flower, and alstroemeria. We ended up adding tulips too!

Sweet peas, ranunculas, snapdragons, alstomeria, wax flowers.

Here you can see many of these flowers combined in the bouquets.

I used the idea board to show the florist, baker, my mother, etc. so they could see where we were going with the overall feel and theme of the day. The flower board was of course for the florist but also helped portray the feel and style of the day.

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green