Birds’ Nests for Ring Bearers

Somewhere in the planning process, I decided that 2 six year old boys would not be very fond of carrying ‘girly’ pillows down the aisle. A fun DIY project quickly emerged in my mind to go along with our bird theme and a trip to Hobby Lobby ensued.

While planning, I did not have a blog so unfortunately I do not have step by step photos for this project. I can tell you how I did it and show you the final product which turned out to be one of my favorite details from the day.


  • 2 medium sized birds’ nests (approx 3-4 in.)
  • 1 bag reindeer moss
  • 2 small birds or doves
  • Hot glue gun

diy birds nest ring pillow


Arrange the birds and moss into each nest before doing any gluing. Once you have everything the way you would like it, glue the birds first. Next, glue the moss into place making it look as if the bird is nestled into it. You can then add flowers, leaves, or ribbon as embellishments if you wish. I kept it fairly simple since the green already went with our colors.

Here you can see the finished product.

My quick snapshot once they were finished.

diy birdsnest ring pillow

And on our wedding day.

diy birdsnest ring pillow

birdsnest ring pillow

nest ring pillow

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green