Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

While there were some areas where we knew we wanted to try to save, there were others where we decided we would spend. Our cake was also one of the areas we decided we would spend. From the moment we saw the cakes by Alexis from Elegant Indulgences, we knew she was going to be able to carry out our vision. The best part is that not only is she an artist when it comes to decorating, she is also an artist when it comes to baking. The cake was so good that we actually took the top tier with us on our honeymoon and ate it! We weren’t about to risk leaving it in the freezer for a year and having one of our brothers tear into it.

Alexis utilized a high level of design in creating the cake. Thomas and I were also very hands on in the process. She submitted three initial designs to us after going over what we wanted. We then took those designs into Photoshop, cropped some things here, changed colors there, and voila! A cake was born.

This is the inspiration board of cake ideas we presented to Alexis when we first met. We also provided her color samples and a copy of our invitations.

These are the three designs she created based on the above board and our ideas.

Once we received the three ideas, we took them into Photoshop and did some editing to get the look we had in mind. The original designs had too much pink in them. We only wanted green, cream, and brown. You can see it is almost exactly what the finished product turned out to be!

Four tiers of delicious lemon pound cake with lemon curd filling and vanilla bean cake with raspberry filling. Before we walked into the reception, people kept coming up to me and saying, “Your cake is amazing!” And I hadn’t even seen it yet! The finished product was far and above even our wildest dreams.

While you are planning, it really is important to decide which elements of the wedding you are going to put into someone else’s hands. Then choose someone who you feel can really make your vision a reality while keeping you within budget. When you focus your efforts and funds in this manner and really let an artist do his or her handiwork, the results are very rewarding (and tasty).

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green