Today Thomas is going to share a little bit about how he and his friends put together our personal DJ set-up.

The music:

For months, we compiled great dance songs. A few days before the wedding both the bridal party and the groomsmen went through the list and determined the best and most dance-able songs. The songs we looked for had beats and rhythms that people of all ages could enjoy dancing to. Rock classics, plenty of 80’s dance music and a little bit of techno made up the list. Of course, Miley made an appearance as well!

The system:

We rented a PA System from a local rental shop. It came with a microphone, PA, and 2 speakers. We went to a music supply store called Sweetwater and purchased a 5 channel mixer (we only needed 2 channels). During the wedding, one of the my friends acted as the DJ/mixer. He had his laptop computer and i-Pod programmed with play lists we had already created. We connected the computer and i-Pod to two different inputs on the mixer so that we could fade one song into the other in order to keep dancers happy and on the dance floor.

The PA/speaker system was similar to the ones on the left and bottom. The image on the right is a mixer with the inputs.

In the end, it was a successful dance party. The music was great because we picked all of the songs. Everyone had fun and has continued to talk about how much fun it was to dance during the reception. Young and old had fun on the dance floor.

*all professional photos credited to Nicole Green