When you are carrying out a wedding on your own with many DIY projects, the more help you can get the better. We were very fortunate to have ready and willing friends and relatives (our VIPs) who were up to the challenge. All of the personal time and effort each of them put into making our day special gave it all that much more significance. Hopefully my list will give you some ideas of ways to incorporate VIPs into your own wedding day.

Uncle/Godfather – served as our marriage preparation counselor and officiant. A very special person indeed.

Grandma #1 – sewed her fingers to the bone for months. She sewed the maid of honor and bridesmaids’ dresses along with the two flower girls. Each dress was custom fit and they all chose different strap styles to suit them best. These five dresses alone seem like a great undertaking and she had also been planning to make my dress as well. A few things went awry with that at the last moment and I purchased a dress 10 days before the wedding but that is a whole different story.

Aunt #1 – the go to gal. She handmade 400 double chocolate truffles, boxed, and labeled them for our guest favors. She decorated the entire reception venue with the assistance of Thomas, his groomsmen, and ushers the day of the wedding. Then, served as our Day of Coordinator ensuring everyone ate lunch, had their flowers, and was lined up ready to walk down the aisle at the appointed time. She was everywhere at once and answered all the questions that needed answering.

Aunt #2 – Sewed 20 ribbon squares for the table centerpieces and a custom table runner for the head table.

Close friend – served as our DJ during the reception. He put together playlists, learned how to use a mixer and kept the dance floor full all evening.

Thomas’s Mom – prepared and hand-delivered gift baskets to each of the cottages around the lake where out of town guests were staying.

My Mom – decorated two giant wreaths for the reception two days before the wedding with her own handiwork. Coordinated rental items. Completed countless motherly tasks.

Grandma #2 – prepared a full spread of lunch fare for the wedding party to feast on before the ceremony began.

Brother – spray painted 75 small birds’ nests, a ‘B’ and several other pieces. For a teenage guy, that is a lot!

Grandma #3 – crocheted 6 wraps for all the ladies in the wedding party about three weeks before the wedding when she became worried we would all be too cold.

Many other VIPs, including our siblings, cousins, and close friends, participated and helped in endless ways as well. Your VIPs keep you sane and take a little of the pressure off. You can’t do everything on your own and when someone offers a helping hand don’t be afraid to take it.

And some other little VIPs. Cousins who were the bubble and flower girls. The cousin watching in the background was a greeter and passed out programs.

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green