A Few of Our Favorite Things

Nearly six months after the fact, it is fun to look back on the day and see what still stands out. Thomas and I each made a list of a few of our favorite things from the day. Maybe you could use some of these ideas as well.

My List

Greeting guests

Rather than having the guests go through a formal receiving line after the ceremony, we asked them to be seated in the church. We then re-entered the church and greeted all guests row by row for dismissal. This was a great way to personally say hello and thank you to everyone before the fun of the reception began.

Sneaking away for photos

After the DJ had people out on the dance floor, we snuck out of the reception for about half an hour with Nicole to take pictures of just the two of us. They were originally intended to be sunset shots but the sky had turned grey already. The shots she captured are beautiful and very special.

First look

On many of the photo blogs I stalk, the photographers say how much they enjoy doing a first look and getting some photos before the ceremony. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone looked fresh and it gave us more time to get in all the photos we wanted. Try to schedule this in if your day allows.

Hair brooch

Due to my dress woes (see VIP post), my hairstyle changed at the last minute. One of my bridesmaids had the great idea to pick out a pretty pin to wear in my hair for a little sparkle. I think the pin adds a vintage look, and it is a fun way to dress up your hairstyle a bit.

Thomas’s List

Involving the males in the set-up process

Many times the guys are kind of abandoned during the whole wedding ‘to do’. He really enjoyed the chance to decorate and set up the reception site with all of his close friends. Sure decorating might not be for everyone, but there are always tasks that the guys are willing to do. Don’t leave them out. (And since they haven’t been featured yet, here they are in their brown tuxes and crazy socks)

Personal DJ

We both love music and our friends love to dance. It was fun to have the music selections we wanted and everyone having a great time on the dance floor. Don’t forget the older guests and play some classics because they will be on their feet too.

Scouting potential photo locations ahead of time

The week of our wedding we drove around near the church to scout some unique locations for photos. Having several spots in mind while taking into account light, shadows, etc. really made photography the day of go smoothly.

An old road and a lake cottage lawn for some bridal party shots.

A white picket fence creates an interesting backdrop.

The dappled light coming through the woods was very pretty.

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green