A Thank You

I wanted to take this week’s post to thank all of you who’ve read and shared your support, opinions, and ideas with me.  I still have a week to go, but as this week was swamped – I’m sure next week will be too.

I especially want to thank Elizabeth and Anne for all of their hard work and helpful guidance to me along the way, and for letting me blog about my experiences here.  I am truly grateful for all that they’ve done for me and for how kind and thoughtful they are.  I think their blog is wonderful, and it’s been so fun to read about all the different stories, ideas, and projects, and to look at all the beautiful pictures they’ve posted.  They truly are inspirational.

It seems like not that long ago I went on a blind date for lunch, and ended up spending 12 hours on the best date of my life.  I knew he was special, and could be “the one”, and was lucky that he felt the same way.  Through our two and a half years we’ve had our ups and downs, but I am so lucky to be marrying the guy who loves me no matter what – even when I’m grumpy, frustrated, or having a “crazy” moment.  I am thankful for having him in my life, and I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with him.

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I hope all of you who are getting married that are reading this remember that your wedding day is really a celebration of your commitment to one another, and all the other stuff – the dress, the venue, the cake, the pretty invitations – all of it is just gravy.  (But gravy is delicious, so enjoy it!)

Next week will be my last week as a single lady!  Is it sad that I used to identify with the girls on “Sex and the City”, and now I’m wanting to be more like Melinda Gordon on “The Ghost Whisperer” (without the whole talking to dead people)??  While I’m kind of sad that my fun single days are over, I’m definitely excited to settle down with my sweetheart!

Take care – and have a great weekend!!

And CONGRATULATIONS go out to Guilty Secret who’s getting married this weekend!!  Get your sparklers ready!