Personal Elements and Final Thoughts

To end the week, a few last DIY tips and ways to personalize your day.

Look for sales and specials wherever you are. Hobby Lobby was my personal favorite for great bargains and fun décor elements. I purchased plant stands, candles, baskets, wreaths, picture frames, and more all for next to nothing. There are many other unexpected places where you might find the perfect pieces to incorporate including antique stores, yard sales, ebay, and thrift stores. Also consider your local party rental supply store. My mom was able to rent votives for $.20 a piece, green table linens, and some other odds and ends that the reception venue and florist did not have available. It never hurts to borrow or reuse either.

Personal elements were very important in many aspects of our wedding day. I will share a few with you and hope that you too find some little ways to make the day only yours. Involve things that are important to you and your future spouse.

We were married in the same church where my grandparents were married, my dad grew up, and my parents were married. That is three generations now in the same church.

I wore my deceased grandmothers’ diamond earrings as my something old and to make her presence felt throughout the day.

We toasted with golden goblets from Thomas’s family that his great grandparents first toasted with on their own 50th wedding anniversary. His grandparents toasted with them at their wedding and 50th anniversary. His parents, aunt, and cousin all toasted with them at their respective weddings as well. That is four generations clinking the glasses.

My parents’ cake topper was of two love birds and we featured it on our own head table.

Last but not least, the location of our wedding revolved around the lakes where we grew up. The lake holds a very special meaning to us because it is where we spent many of our first years dating back in high school and the subsequent summers together since then.

It has been a truly enjoyable experience to share so many wedding details with you here on EAD. There will always be bumps along the way and perfection is certainly not attainable, but if you remain flexible and open your day will be lovely. Thank you for following my wedding journey.

*all professional photos credit to Nicole Green