DIY Entry #10: Painted Dance Floor

Brooke submitted this fabulous and incredibly unique idea, a temporary painted dance floor! She says:

When weddings are done in backyards, everything needs to be temporary. But I have painted concrete slabs to look like ballroom floors, and it washes off! My mom always painted our windows with tempera paint for the holidays growing up. She added dish soap to the paint to ensure that it would wash off. Using this same logic, I added 1 part dish soap to 3 parts paint to create this beautiful and unique conversation starter.

temporary painted dance floor


1. Created a unique monogram for the bride and groom using illustrator
2. Printed monogram large format
3. Traced monogram onto large stencil
4. Used chalk to trace stencil
5. Painted monogram and design with paint/soap solution

diy painted dance floor

6. For straight lines, I used a chalk line and blue tape